-A Complete Survey of Your Present Roof Conditoin-

For many of our clients, composing and presenting a roof condition report is the first service we provide. Our reports are extremely detailed and thorough, providing our clients with a clear understanding of a roof's present condition and expected performance. Each roof condition report provides information on general roof conditions as well as specific defects with detailed recommendations for repair when necessary.


The roof condition report also contains photographs of the roof to illustrate each condition and may also include a video and roof map to better portray complicated issues. Although our reports are certainly valuable, we do not charge a fee for them. We consider the report to be a foundation for a clear understanding between Just Leaks, Inc., and the facility engineer or property manager.

We also extend this service to property managers and owners that are considering the acquisition of a new building. We can inspect the roof during the due diligence portion of the buying process and provide an assessment along with various options to help facilitate the negotiation process.