- Watertight and Durable Deck Finishes -

Water infiltration at exterior decks and stairways is often extremely problematic. Most often the problem is related to the detail work at the walls and transitions that is built into the original construction of the building. The underlying wall waterproofing will not be correctly integrated into the deck waterproofing. All too often we have to open walls and the structural decking to remedy these flaws. This is an expensive and disruptive process.

We can sometimes, however, avoid breaking into the structure of a building using the new waterproofing materials for walls and decks that are available today. Instead of tearing open the walls and deck to access the underlying flashings, we can simply waterproof the wall so completely that the underlying flashings are no longer needed. This approach is dependant on a number of factors and is not appropriate for all applications.

Decks are always waterproofed either under the finish surface - such as under ceramic tile - or waterproofed at the exposed surface of the deck or "walking deck". There is a broad range of materials and finishes now available for exposed finish walking decks to suit the various needs of the purpose of the building. One pragmatic advantage to an exposed system is that it is easy to maintain and restore.

Deck Before Deck After