-Maintaining a Fleet of Classic Vehicles-

Falcon Logo

When we first started Just Leaks, Inc. in 1993, we wanted our trucks to say something about who we were and what we did. The Ford Falcon Ranchero was developed by Ford as basic economy truck that got good gas mileage, was easy to maintain, and still had some style. Since our focus as a service company is to maintain roofs rather than replace them – we felt that using old but well maintained trucks would demonstrate our philosophy. We also wanted to stick to an American Made product.

As of 2011 we have eight of the Ford Falcons including one that we are converting into an electric drive. We now only use these classics for light duty work and inspections. The Flagship of our Fleet is Scott’s Falcon Sedan Delivery that is used for inspections. There were only a few hundred of these wagons produced.

We have had to augment our Falcons with heavy duty service vans to do the jobs that are not appropriate for the small Rancheros. We use Ford’s F250 and F350 Service Vans. These basic but good quality American Made trucks have become our primary work horses. The crews very much appreciate the air conditioning that is not available in the Falcons!

We will continue to maintain and refurbish our Falcon Fleet as our symbol of our commitment to our “Maintenance Preserves” philosophy.