-24 Hour Emergency Leak Service-


When a roof is properly cared for, leaks during the rainy season are normally not a problem. Just Leaks promotes proactive maintenance to minimize roof leaks and extend the service life of your roof system. Yet, roof leaks do happen, and when they do, our clients want service. Somehow, roofs seem to know how to leak at the most inconvenient location possible. During the rainy season our crews are constantly on the move to keep our clients' businesses running smoothly. Each crew is trained and equipped to be prepared for the many challenges that various roof and building configurations will pose. A detailed accounting of each leak, including photos of the conditions and repairs, is included in our billing.


F.Y.I. - The best time to repair a leak is in the days following a rainstorm. It is very difficult to repair a leak when it is actually raining. Although roof repairs during a rainstorm are possible, we recommend that this be done only when absolutely necessary. Roof leak repairs performed while it is raining are temporary, far more expensive, and require us to return and make them permanent. It is much easier to trace and repair a leak after the roof has dried. All roof repairs performed by Just Leaks, Inc. are guaranteed for a minimum of three years.

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