-Keep Standing Water Off Your Roof-

In our experience of roof repairs and maintenance, we have found standing water to be one of the most detrimental conditions to the longevity of a roof system. Standing water, or "ponding", is normally indicated when there is still significant water on the roof after 2 days of no rain. The combination of very low-slope roofs and then minimal support structures are such that most industrial and commercial roof systems in our area have some ponding.

We employ three main ways to deal with ponding. The first, and usually best option, is to install new roof drains. We will cut the roof open, build a depressed sump pan, and install a cast iron drain and the plumbing. Just Leaks performs this all "in house" and can typically do a complete drain installation in a day.

The next option is to build up the roof to develop the slope needed to get the water to the drains. We often do this because there is no physical way to run drain lines or there are too many small ponds to make new drains practical. We normally use Spray Polyurethane Foam with Acrylic Coating and Granules to build up "crickets" along the perimeter walls. This option has the benefit of resurfacing the areas of roof membrane that have deteriorated due to the ponding.

The last option is to reinforce the roof membrane to be more able to tolerate the ponding. We normally do this only when the above options are not a good solution and the existing standing water is not deep or extensive.