The Bay Areas’s BEST Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repair in San Jose


Based in San Jose, Just Leaks provides knowledgeable and dependable roofing services for operations with both commercial roofs and industrial roofs and solar roofs. We travel throughout the SF Bay Area repairing and maintaining a variety of different roofs, including roofs equipped with solar technology. We will ensure your roofing service is tailored to fit your needs, your roof, and your business operations.

Since 1995, Scott Siemer, owner of Just Leaks, and his team of experts have been providing quality industrial and commercial roof repair, maintenance, and replacement. Over the years, Just Leaks has expanded and is now providing cool roofing systems with earth-friendly and sustainable solar installations. We proudly provide roofing services for industrial and commercial communities throughout both San Jose and the SF Bay Area.

If you are considering Just Leaks for your roofing needs, we have compiled a list of reasons to help make your decision a little bit easier:

Our Team: Our trained technicians have years of experience repairing commercial and industrial roofs. We take the time to inspect all roofing needs with the utmost precision and accuracy.

Accurate Estimates: We have a database with all the roof dimensions of commercial roofs all over the country, which allows us to make accurate estimates.

Detail Reports: To ensure our clients have a clear understanding of what is going on with their commercial roofs, we often take detailed reports, complete with comprehensive notes and photographs.

Financing: We partner with financing companies should clients need financial assistance for roofing.

Sustainability: In addition to the multitude of roofing services that we offer, no other company in San Jose and the SF Bay Area region, provides cool roofing systems with earth friendly and sustainable solar installations.

Experience: We have a broad range of clientele in the private and public sector and strive to provide roof repair, maintenance, and replacement solutions that are tailored to the particular needs of each client.

Licensed & Bonded: We are licensed in California as both a General Building Contractor and as a Roofing contractor, which allows us to complete your work without having to involve several contractors. With these certifications, the process is much more effective and efficient.

Emergency Service: We offer 24-hour emergency leak service to clients throughout the San Jose area. We recognize how important a leak-free roof is to your business operations, which is why we provide emergency service for roof leaks.

Just Leaks provides tailored, experienced, and reliable roofing service to commercial and industrial operations throughout San Jose and the SF Bay Area. We are committed to repairing your roof quickly and accurately. Because of our diligence to our clients, we are proud to have earned the reputation as the leading roofing service in San Jose. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646.