If you’re wondering whether solar energy from solar roof panels is suitable for your commercial buildings, Just Leaks will be happy to discuss your solar energy options. We are a roofing company based out of San Jose, and we’ve been servicing the commercial roofs of our customers in the SF Bay Area for many years now. The cost of solar energy has fallen exponentially year after year. As a commercial roofing company that specializes in industrial roofs, it is a natural decision for Just Leaks to add solar roof panels to our menu of services. The solar energy install base has been increasing exponentially, approximately doubling every two years, and we want to see to it that your commercial roofs and industrial roofs can reap these benefits.

The sun blasts enormous quantities of solar energy at us every moment. Only recently have we finally starting to harvest this virtually infinite resource with solar roof panels, and other solar energy harvesting technology. With government incentives and falling installation costs, it’s now time for anyone with commercial roofs and industrial roofs to consider solar roof panels or another source of solar energy. Now is an exciting time for commercial property owners and commercial property managers as solar energy continues to exponentially improve here in San Jose, the SF Bay Area, and even worldwide.

For more information about solar roof panels and the savings solar energy can make for your commercial buildings, we have compiled a list of the benefits of incorporating solar energy into your business plan:

  • Excellent synergy with Cool Roof systems. Solar roof panels provide shade to the roof, decreasing the heat load on it and increasing its longevity. The Cool Roof system also drops the temperature on the roof considerably, which decreases the thermal load on the solar panels which increases their efficiency.
  • With grid-tied solar roof panels, the excess solar energy that you produce is sold back to utilities. It’s even possible to have a net-positive bill, where they send YOU a check! In some use cases with commercial roofs or industrial roofs, this will pay for the installation cost of the solar panels.
  • If you incorporate a battery into your solar energy setup to utilize load shifting, you stand to tip the monetary scales even further in your favor. By using a battery to store excess power that you generate, you can sell it back to utilities during peak hours to maximize the price you’re paid for your energy. If during peak hours your solar roof panels cannot cover your usage, you can draw from your battery instead of paying peak time rates to utilities.
  • Finally, you can incorporate electric vehicle charging stations, which will automatically use the best available power source at the time (solar, battery, or grid).


Call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646, and we will provide you with personalized information about solar roof panels, or any other roofing projects for commercial roofs and industrial roofs. Once you’ve joined the growing solar energy movement in San Jose and the SF Bay Area, you won’t be disappointed with the results.