Anyone looking for solar panel installation in San Jose or the SF Bay Area can skip the search and come straight to Just Leaks. Just Leaks has completed roofing projects for industrial roofs and commercial roofs in San Jose for many years now. With solar energy booming, we’ve made sure to keep up with the needs of our customers, and we are ready to help you put all that California sun to use. We’ve worked on commercial roofs and industrial roofs for a large variety of clients, big and small, including schools, manufacturing plants, high-tech companies, and much more. If you have other roofing projects that need to be done, such as an HVAC tie-in or Cool Roof installation, you can save money on solar panel installation by having Just Leaks perform both projects at once.

If you own or manage commercial properties in San Jose or the SF Bay Area, you can trust Just Leaks to help you through the solar panel installation process from start to finish. We can walk you through the initial cost of the solar panel installation, plus any other industrial roofing projects to be done, including financing options. Next, we’ll go over government incentives and the effect solar energy will have on your power bill. Year after year, the math continues to work in your favor exponentially.

Once you’ve made your decision to approve solar panel installation by the Just Leaks team, you’ll be glad you chose us. The owner of Just Leaks, Scott Siemer, holds a general contractor’s license and roofing contractor’s license. He also has four years of formal electronics training and three years of experience working to re-wire a manufacturing plant. And there’s a lot more talent on our roster to go with that. The result is that we don’t need to subcontract any of our work when doing a solar panel installation or any other roofing projects. We’re your best solar panel installation contact because we know how to get it all done, and done right.

Call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646, and we will provide you with personalized information about solar panel installation, or any other roofing projects for commercial roofs and industrial roofs. Once you’ve joined the growing solar energy movement in San Jose and the SF Bay Area, you won’t be disappointed with the results.