When San Jose businesses and commercial property owners need solar panel service and maintenance, they turn to Just Leaks. We provide reliable, efficient, and tailored solutions for problems concerning your commercial roofs or industrial roofs. Your roof, its solar panels, HVAC, protective coatings, and anything else is exposed to an array of elements, and wear is inevitable. Don’t let the name fool you; we are ready to handle your solar panel service and maintenance, along with any other roofing needs. We don’t use subcontractors; we tackle all work for all industrial roofs and commercial roofs in San Jose and the SF Bay Area.

If you are looking to sustain the strength, function, and effectiveness of your solar panels, solar panel service and maintenance is a must. It is important to have your roofing system regularly inspected so that we can ensure optimal solar energy usage. Solar panel service and maintenance will also secure the safety of your roofing system. Our team possesses the expertise and experience to maintain your solar panels properly. We aim to maximize your solar energy’s productivity, efficiency, and safety.

We have built a strong team at Just Leaks. We can completely count on one another, which is why we have such a low turnover rate. We aim to have the same relationship with our clients. We understand how important your roofing system is to you and your operation. We will quickly and accurately install, maintain, and service your roofing system. From solar panel service and maintenance to HVAC tie-ins, you’ll appreciate our ability to perform all work necessary for the functionality of your commercial roofs and industrial roofs in San Jose and the SF Bay Area.

Call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646, and we will provide you with personalized information about solar panel service and maintenance, or any other roofing projects for commercial roofs and industrial roofs. Once you’ve joined the growing solar energy movement in San Jose and the SF Bay Area, you won’t be disappointed with the results.