Did you know that Just Leaks specializes in Cool Roofs? A Cool Roof, as defined in the Energy Star Program, is any type of roof system that effectively reflects the suns warming rays. For flat roofs – the minimum qualifying reflectance index is 78%.

Just Leaks installs several types of Cool Roofs including spray foam insulated Fluid Applied Membrane Systems. Our system have a reflectance index of 88 to 92% for maximum protection. These roofs are proven to be the most sustainable, green, durable, and energy savings solution for flat industrial roofs.

Most building owners know that they will save on their cooling power bills when a Cool Roof is installed. Since the Cool Roof shields the building from the suns heat, the HVAC equipment runs less frequently and at lower levels.

What many building owners do not consider, is the additional savings on maintenance and lifecycle costs for that equipment. Less demand means longer lasting HVAC units. On most commercial buildings, the cost of the HVAC units is, by factors, greater than the cost of a new Cool Roof system.

Not only is a Cool Roof able to keep energy costs down, it has other benefits, too. Some of the advantages to having a Cool Roof installed on your building are:

  • They provide superior waterproofing
  • Cool Roofs do not degrade like other roofs
  • They provide long term performance and sustainability
  • Guaranteed for up to 20 years

If you manage or own a building with a flat industrial roof, Just Leaks would be happy to provide you a free estimate for a Cool Roof system. Contact Just Leaks when you need an energy-saving Cool Roof, emergency roof leak repair, annual maintenance programs, roof condition reports, new equipment waterproofing, skylights, waterproofing, drains, roof scuttles, and new roof systems. Call us anytime at 408-249-4646 for prompt service.