What’s The Big Deal About Solar?

Did you know that solar panels installed on a flat, commercial roof can not only save the building owner money, but they can make that same building owner money? Solar panels are a terrific investment for commercial property owners that have flat, industrial roofs. Trouble is, a lot of commercial building owners are not aware of the advances the solar industry has made, so our goal at Just Leaks is to help building owners cut through the noise and find clarity.

It’s no secret that the solar industry has exploded over the past decade. When oil and electricity costs are high and summertime heat taxes even the toughest HVAC systems, switching to solar energy is a no-brainer. But now that oil prices have steadily dropped and energy costs are more affordable, the solar energy industry is seeing “solar fatigue” among prospective clients. Solar fatigue happens when a commercial building owner is approached by a solar panel installation company, receives a quote — or multiple quotes — from the seller, and is not impressed with the Return On Investment. The most common disappointment is the “Solar Power Purchase Agreements” (also known as PPAs) – where the system is leased to, but not owned by, the client.

Many of the building owners and property managers going through “solar fatigue” tell us something like this:

“Yes, we looked into installing solar panels in 2016, but the owner decided against it. He did his research and found it was too much work and wasn’t worth the investment.”

But in 2018, we have great news. The solar energy industry has reached a tipping point that greatly benefits the buyer. As a result, Just Leaks offers the ideal opportunity to save folks some substantial $$$.

  • There is now an option that allows us to:
  • Install a solar panel system with no money down
  • Take payments that are less than your old electrical bill
  • And then give ownership of the system to the client when the system is paid for – usually within 8 years.
  • After that – free power on a system that, with the new micro-inverter technology, is rated at 30 years!

Just Leaks has access to a software estimate system that will configure a solar panel system that is ideal for your commercial room and provide accurate cost and savings profiles. All we need from you are copies of your winter and summer electrical bills, plus the address of the commercial building.

Saving money…. Better yet. Making money off of solar is a smart investment for forward-thinking commercial property owners and property managers. This means you won’t have to solely rely upon your tenants for positive cash flow on your property!

Who knew the solar energy tipping point could be so exciting? Please spread the word. Solar is the big wave of the future!

Below are photos of the Just Leaks team working atop one of our Cool Roofs with our racking and solar system. A solar panel installation project like this requires extensive roofing experience. When the Just Leaks team performs solar panel installation, it is absolutely not going to leak, the roof will remain unencumbered, and the panels will be installed correctly. We guarantee it.

If you are interested in learning about the installation of a solar system on your commercial or industrial building, or would like to hear more about the financial benefits of this system, call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646.

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Yes, Solar Panels Pay for Themselves!

There are numerous benefits for installing solar panels on your commercial or industrial roof, but one of the more significant advantages is its cost-effectiveness. At Just Leaks, we firmly believe that solar panels will essentially pay for themselves, and we would be happy to go over the options for your specific roofing system.







At Just Leaks, we recommend installing a solar system with a cool roof system. Both of these roofing systems will substantially lessen the cost of the overall installation while ensuring the quality and durability of solar support and penetration flashings. The solar systems we recommend include a sloped elevated racking system, which makes long-term maintenance and repairs easy and accessible.

Currently, we are in a pricing “sweet spot” for solar panel installation, as there are both federal and state incentives, along with a dramatic drop in the price of panels and equipment. These incentives are expected to continue through 2018. Many of our clients throughout the Bay area have experienced their solar panel system seemingly paying for themselves.

At Just Leaks, we will perform a full analysis on your energy bill and available solar energy on your roof. In most cases, we can offset almost all of your energy needs, and you will save quite a bit of money each year. In fact, it will take as little as 3 years to pay back the installation of a solar system.

If you are interested in learning about the installation of a solar system on your commercial or industrial building, or would like to hear more about the financial benefits of this system, call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646.

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