Roofing Materials: Which One Is Right for Your Industrial Roof?

When you manage or own a commercial or industrial building, the roofing materials you select can make a big impact on your energy costs, maintenance costs, and more. Just Leaks has been specializing in building, maintaining, and repairing commercial roofs since the 1990s. We have learned a thing or two about roofing materials and which one may be right for your industrial roof. Here are some of the new roofing systems Just Leaks builds for our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

AcryPly Polyester Membrane SystemsThe AcryPly Systems use Titex polyester roll fabric over the entire roof membrane. The fabric from the polyester roll holds the roof membrane together and gives the roof the flexibility it needs during extreme weather changes. Polyester rolls have the ability to support and help restore roofing membranes, extending the roofs life-span for many additional years.

Spray Polyurethane Foam SystemsSpray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing provides excellent insulation and custom slope to avoid ponded water issues and improve water flow to drainage. SPF roofing systems require a roof coating to be applied over the foam in order to cover and protect the spray polyurethane foam from deteriorating due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Topcoats are highly reflective, providing longevity and brightness with superior dirt pick up resistance and protection against biological attach such as algae.

Built-up Capsheet Systems — The fire-rated cap sheet roofing system is designed for use as a cap sheet over inorganic and organic built-up roofing systems. It may also be used as a heavy-duty venting type base sheet when installed mineral side down and either mechanically fastened or spot mopped over lightweight insulating concrete decks or existing smooth surfaced membranes.

Metal Panel Roof Systems — We offer a selection of metal roofing panels, both single skin and insulated, that can be utilized in several different industries, including standing seam, concealed fastener and exposed fastener panels.  

Sloped Roof Systems — Sloped roof systems include shingles that have ENERGY STAR® qualified solar reflectance and thermal emissivity requirements. They reflect solar energy and radiates heat far better than traditional roofing shingles, which mean they can reduce the roof’s temperature by as much as 20 percent in the summer.

As you can see, there are many roofing materials that could benefit your flat-roofed commercial building. To determine which roofing materials work best for your needs, budget, and location, contact the Just Leaks team for a consultation. Give us a call at 408-249-4646. We’ll be happy to help.

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Our Recent Work: HVAC Installation

We know this is another HVAC installation – but it is the type of project the Just Leaks roofing team does very well. For those following our recent projects, Just Leaks hopes to get more HVAC installations and roofing projects from property managers and owners of commercial buildings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

This HVAC installation was challenging, in that we had to install new 20 foot beams in place and re-frame the roof to structurally support a new HVAC unit. Fortunately, we were able to do all the work from the rooftop and not disrupt the occupants. Our client was delighted we were able to reframe the roof deck and install the new capsheet roof and flashings in just 3 days.

July HVAC 1

July HVAC 2

July HVAC 3

The Just Leaks Team located the new HVAC position on the roof surface, and removed the existing capsheet area to access the underlying plywood and wood frame deck.

July HVAC 4

July HVAC 5

July HVAC 6

The Just Leaks roofing team removed the plywood and insulation, installed new 20 foot beams, installed new curb framing, and reinstalled the insulation.

July HVAC 7

July HVAC 8

July HVAC 9

Next, the Just Leaks team installed the new plywood roof deck, frame 4x curb leveler and installed the metal factory HVAC curb. Next, we installed the new capsheet roof over the new plywood deck.

July HVAC 10

July HVAC 11

July HVAC 12

To wrap up the HVAC installation, Just Leaks tied new roofing into the existing capsheet roof, applied acrylic coating, and set the HVAC back into position.

If you have a roofing question or HVAC project for Just Leaks, we will be glad to help. Contact us for an estimate or consultation by calling 408-249-4646.

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