Top 5 Lessons Commercial Building Owners Learn From A Maintenance Report

Maintenance reports are essential for the safety and longevity of your roof. Upon arrival at your property for a maintenance report, our crew will thoroughly inspect your roof. Once finished, we will put together a thorough maintenance report to show you. Our team will clearly explain your roof’s current conditions and expected performance.

You can learn quite a bit from a maintenance report. Next time you receive one from the team at Just Leaks, keep an eye out for these top 5 lessons commercial building owners can learn from a maintenance report:

    1. Overall Condition of Your Roof: Our team will take photographs of your roof’s condition, along with any repair work we do. We want you to clearly understand what is going on with your roof.
    2. Defects Beyond the Scope of Typical Maintenance: If there are defects that are beyond the scope of typical maintenance, we will alert you. We will clearly explain to you what the issue is, and how we will fix if quickly and effectively.
    3. Cleanliness of Drains, Downspouts, and Overflows: Our team will carefully evaluate the condition of your commercial building’s drains, downspouts, and overflows. We will thoroughly clean your roof of all debris and inform you, once we are completed.
    4. Detailed Recommendations for Longevity of Roof: After evaluating your roof, we inform you of any repair that is needed to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof.  These recommendations will include your roof’s expected performance in the upcoming months.
    5. Peace of Mind: Just Leaks will thoroughly evaluate your roof for any signs of current and impending damage. Our team strives your roof is in optimal condition, so you can have peace of mind about the safety and longevity of your commercial building’s roof.

Just Leaks provides tailored, experienced, and reliable roof service, including maintenance reports, to commercial and industrial companies throughout San Jose and the surrounding communities. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646.


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