Our 24-Hour Emergency Roof Service

The team at Just Leaks doesn’t want you to worry about your commercial or industrial roofing system — we are here to help you each step of the way, even 24 hours a day! We offer 24-hour emergency roof service to properties throughout the Bay Area. We try to ease your stress during emergency times by being there when you need us the most.

Imagine you go into the office, have a busy day, and you notice a giant puddle of water on the ground caused by the previous night’s rainstorm. Before you start to worry, you know you can contact our team at Just Leaks to help you. We know how much you depend on your commercial or industrial roofing system, as often your very business depends on the condition of your roof. When something doesn’t seem right with your roofing system, you can’t help but worry.

That’s why the team at Just Leaks offers 24-hour emergency roofing service. You can count on our team to be there for you. We provide knowledgeable and dependable roofing services throughout the Bay Area for commercial roofs, industrial roofs, and solar roofs. Since 1995, Scott Siemer, the Just Leaks owner, has been the first choice for commercial roof repair, maintenance, and replacement.

If your roofing system needs emergency repairs, we are here to help. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate or emergency, 24-hour leak repair, call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646.

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