Interesting Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofs

Sometimes the Just Leaks team will get a call from a homeowner who is interested in our help with a residential roof. Unfortunately, we have to refer the caller elsewhere because Just Leaks only services and repairs flat, commercial roofs. For those who are unfamiliar with the differences between commercial and residential roofs, here is a quick overview.

Commercial Roof vs. Residential Roof
A commercial roof is usually flat or low-sloped. A residential roof usually is pitched with higher slopes.
Commercial roofs have to be stronger, tougher, and more durable because flat roofs take in more weight due to snow, water, or any other debris that might be left on the roof. Residential roofs typically have less square footage to cover. The pitch of the residential roof helps shed show, water, and debris, so the roofing materials are not required to be as durable as commercial roofing materials.
Commercial roofs require more frequent inspections due to the higher square footage of cover. Residential roofs only occasionally require inspection.
The materials used for commercial roofing may include metal panels, asphalt shingles, or single-ply membranes. Residential roofs are typically much steeper and have numerous options for roofing materials, including heavy roof tiles and fireproof shingles.
Commercial roofing requires expert roofing services that are knowledge about various aspects including external piping, air flow systems, etc. Residential roofs typically do not have external devices, with the exception of solar panels, that require a different roofing skill set.

If you are the owner or property manager of a commercial building, you can rest easy knowing that Just Leaks can do a complete and reliable roof inspection or repair. To learn more about our commercial roof leak repair, commercial roof maintenance, or industrial roof waterproofing services, give us a call at 408-249-4646. We’ll be happy to help.

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