Only the Best for You and Your Roofing System

If you own and manage a commercial property in the San Jose area, you deserve only the best for you and your roofing system. It can be a challenge to find quality roofing services in the Bay Area. However, your search is officially over — for over 25 years, Just Leaks has been providing knowledgeable and reliable roofing services to commercial and industrial roofs in San Jose and beyond.

We have clients both in the private and public sector, which means we have experienced installing, maintaining, and servicing a variety of roofing systems, from 40 year old built-up asphalt to new cool roofs – even if it is covered in solar panels. When we arrive at your commercial or industrial roofing system, we will quickly assess the needs of your roof, so we can develop a course of action specific to your roofing system and overall operation.

We are licensed in California as both a general building contractor and roofing contractor — our experienced roofing system experts perform roofing work, including a new roof drain installation or structural work without bringing in another outside contractor. This makes our roofing system service fast and efficient roofing system service. Not only are we experts in roofing system service, but we also strive to excel in customer service too. We ensure you know what is going on at all times, so you completely understand the “what, why, and how.”

We have earned a stellar reputation among operations in San Jose and beyond. You and your roofing system deserve only the best, and the team at Just Leaks is here to deliver.
For a free estimate for your commercial or industrial roofing system and to prevent problems like these, please give us a call at (408) 249-4646.

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