How Just Leaks Can Support You (When Things Are Going Well)

Technicians installing solar panels on a commercial roof

We’ve all heard this saying before (and if you haven’t heard it but read our blog, you’ve probably read it a hundred times over): fix the roof when it’s sunny, not when it’s raining. This is a metaphor for life usually, but it’s also solid advice for all things roofing. You want to get out onto your roof to ensure there are no leaks, no buildup, and no issues that may lead to a flood when the sun is still shining, and you’ve got a little extra money in the budget. Not when you’re out of funds in the third quarter and the rainy season is approaching!

We Do More Than Just Leaks at Just Leaks

Here at Just Leaks, we want to be your emergency call. When something goes wrong, you can rely on us to fix it. However, we can provide you with much more than just your emergency leak services. We support you before the leak happens, even prevent it from happening, with these offered services: 

  • Roof maintenance and repair. We offer essential roof maintenance during all seasons to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape. If we do find anything in need of some TLC while we’re up there, we have the capabilities to fix it on your timeline.
  • Roof assessment. A roof assessment will help you determine whether your business may benefit from a different type or style of roof, whether that’s to bring down repair costs or support the overall functioning of your building.
  • Deck waterproofing. It gets rainy here in San Jose! Deck waterproofing is a significant preventative factor for leaks. 
  • Cool roof. It also gets hot here in San Jose. If you’ve never heard of “Cool Roof,” you might consider giving us a call to discuss it. Cool roofing systems can help lower your utility bills. 
  • Drainage correction. Not all leaks are caused by rain storms finding holes in the roof. Some are caused by drainage that piles up and weakens the integrity of your structure. We can help correct any drainage issues that may cause a problem in the future. 
  • Equipment tie-in. It’s great news when you get new equipment added to your building–but don’t forget to give us a call so we can set up the optimal space on your roof for whatever you’re adding up there.
  • Solar installation. If you’re ready to go solar, we’re ready to help you go solar!

If you do find yourself in a pickle, don’t be embarrassed. We offer 24-hour emergency leak repairs if you come upon something that needs immediate attention.

Give Us A Call To Go Over Your Options

Roofing is not a one-size-fits-all. Your corporate or industrial building has a unique set of needs, and your business has goals, unlike any others. Give us a call for a no-pressure assessment of how we can help you. You may be surprised to find what a big difference roofing can make in your bottom line! 

If you are interested in learning about the various roofing systems or installing a solar system on your commercial or industrial building(s), call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646 for an in-person consultation. Or visit us online at our website or our Facebook page.

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