What to Do in a Commercial or Industrial Roofing Emergency

When something is amiss with your commercial or industrial roofing system, Just Leaks is here for you, to help you each step of the way. There are several types of roofing emergencies caused by weather, neglect, or damaged equipment. Regardless of the type of roofing emergency, the Just Leaks team has a few tips and tricks to help you keep your cool:

  1. First, make sure you have Just Leaks in your speed dial! This way, we can keep on your roofing system’s maintenance and prevent potentially costly and dangerous situations.
    Carefully examine the damage and, if possible, try and take photos. You can share these with the team at Just Leaks.
  2. Establish the extent of the damage, precisely how is it affecting your operation? For example, do you have to pause any production lines, shut down your business entirely, or are overall concerned about liability?
  3. Make sure to contact Just Leaks immediately. We offer 24-hour emergency assistance. The sooner you contact our team, the sooner we can arrive at your operation, gather resources, and spring into action.
  4. When contacting our team, we recommend that you share as much as you can with us. You can also share with us the photos you took. Our team will assess whether your roofing system requires replacement or repair, what materials are necessary, etc.
  5. Most importantly, make sure you proceed with immense caution. If your commercial or industrial roofing system is experiencing a roofing emergency, please be careful. Your best option is to call Just Leaks as soon as possible, as we provide 24-hour emergency assistance to commercial and industrial roofing systems throughout the Bay Area.

If you think your roofing system needs a replacement, the Just Leaks team would be happy to help. To schedule an appointment for a free roof estimate, call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646.

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