When & Why Should You Clean Your Industrial Flat Roof?

Autumn and Spring are optimal times to professionally clean your industrial flat roof. The reason? Cleaning your industrial roof at this time of year is a great time to inspect the roof and prepare it for the rainy season between October – February, and high temperatures in June – August.

When you have your commercial flat roof cleaned by Just Leaks, you can count on us to remove debris like tree branches, abandoned equipment or parts, leaves and trash remnants.

Sometimes flat, commercial roofs can get dirty when there are walls around the perimeter of the roof, as well as tall trees surrounding the building. If you want your roof to be clean and bright again so it can retain its reflectivity, the Just Leaks team will be happy to clean and inspect your roof. Not only do we have the tools, non-solvent cleaners, and the experience to properly clean the roof membrane, but we will also take photos of any areas that require repair or maintenance.

Fortunately, most flat, commercial roofs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley do not get too dirty. Still, most roofs do acquire fallen leaves and trash that is blown on the roof from winds. A professional roof cleaning from Just Leaks will ensure that the drains will remain unclogged from debris, and there will be less risk of water pooling on the roof, which could develop into leaks and water damage.

Commercial roofs benefit in many ways after a professional cleaning, including:

  • Improved Membrane Performance
  • Improved Energy Savings
  • Visual Inspection of Membrane Condition
  • Faster Future Cleanings

If your roof is holding onto leaves and other debris, contact the Just Leaks team to get a roof cleaning estimate. Give us a call today at 408-249-4646.

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