Showing Love (To Your Business)

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Here’s a question for you to mull over: How much love do you show for your own business? 

No matter the scale of your business, your company is a living, breathing organism. It is part of an interdependent market environment, and within your business are similar interdependent environments, working towards a specific goal. Your subordinates depend upon you to lead the way in showing love for the company! 

Like you have a relationship with your spouse, pet, or car, you have a relationship with your business. It needs support, love, trust, and respect to thrive. Here are three ways to show love to your business: 

  • Appreciate it – You know that you don’t want to be transactional with your customers, but are you transactional with your employees? Do you let them know you value the work they do? 

  • Foster it – It’s vital to build a work culture that feels competitive, fun, and wholesome. Do you work to create a good atmosphere, with special events like company lunches and parties? Do you recognize birthdays and work anniversaries?

  • Protect it – Many people quit their low-paying jobs in the pandemic due to feeling put at risk by uncaring management. Are you doing enough to make your coworkers feel safe and secure? Are you handling maintenance issues, getting problems with the air conditioning looked at, addressing leaks, and other anomalies? Because a long-neglecting problem like a faulty AC can turn into a crash during the hottest days of summer and your employees refusing to work in high-temperature areas.

  • Participate in it – Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, the Just Leaks team participated in a rally called “Save Our Solar Jobs”. The goal was to help the California Public Utilities Commision and Governor Gavin Newsom understand just how unpopular the idea of putting utility profits over people is in California. Solar energy is a terrific way for consumers and businesses to utilize power in a sustainable way. That is why our team traveled to L.A. to actively participate in the rally and demonstrate our passion for supporting solar energy options.

Here are some photos and updates from the successful Save Our Solar Jobs event. Thank you to everyone who turned out for it! Solar energy is a step forward, and it is important for all California voters to protect this growing industry. To find out more, visit SaveCaliforniaSolar.org

Just Leaks is here for your commercial roofing needs! If you are interested in learning about the various roofing systems or installing a solar system on your commercial or industrial building(s), call Just Leaks at (408) 249-4646 for an in-person consultation. Or visit us online at our website or our Facebook page.

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