Our Recent Work: Squirrel Damaged Roof at UCSC

Our Recent Work: Squirrel Damaged Roof at UCSC

Sometimes we get nutty roof repair requests…but not in the way you might think.

In this roof repair case, squirrels wreaked havoc on a roof flashing when they decided to use this college dormitory roof as their food storage pantry. Here are a few photos of how Just Leaks saved the day for the students attending The University of California, Santa Cruz campus.
Feb 2016 squirrel repair 1

As you can see, the pipe jack flashing was dislocated by the squirrels, and they stored their nuts underneath. We have to admit, these squirrels were pretty smart! However, we needed to immediately repair and protect the college dorm roof from further damage.

Feb 2016 squirrel repair 2

After the Just Leaks team removed the acorns, we then removed the roof jack flashing, replaced the deteriorated underlayment, re-installed the jack flashing, and sealed it all up.

No squirrels were harmed during the process, but they were a little perturbed that we removed their convenient roof-top nut stash. UC Santa Cruz students and staff members, however, were thrilled that we repaired this dormitory roof. There was concern about potential leaks and other roof damage during the El Nino winter storms if this damage was ignored.

UPDATE:  The squirrels are fine living in a neighboring tree, and they appear to be healthy and happy. We could have sworn during our last visit, however, that they were barking insults at us. But hey, hat’s off to our resourceful, furry, nut-loving friends. 🙂

If you are concerned when local wildlife causes damage to your commercial roof, you can rest easy knowing that Just Leaks will do a complete and reliable roof repair. To learn more about our flat industrial roof leak repair, dormitory roof maintenance, or commercial roof waterproofing services, give us a call at 408-249-4646. The Just Leaks team will be happy to help.

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